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Hey everyone,

thanks for all the birthday wishes!

you're all so very very awesome.

EDIT - Slots are all full up. Thanks everyone!

Hey everyone,

Commissions are back open! there are only ZERO left. They go fast so please act quickly.

Full color, digital only, single character - 60$.

Have a favorite character from Mega Man, Dragon Ball, or your favorite anime? Or how bout your own OC you've been itching to get a pro artist to bring to life? If you're interest please email me at!

Thanks everyone,
Closing out this commission thread, thanks everyone!

Hey everyone,

Commissions are back open! ZERO in total.

Full color, digital only, single character - 60$.

Have a favorite character from Mega Man, Dragon Ball, or your favorite anime? Or how bout your own OC you've been itching to get a pro artist to bring to life? If you're interest please email me at!

Thanks everyone,

Hey everyone,

I'll be opening up very limited commissions, 10 in total.

Full color, digital only, single character - 60$.

Have a favorite character from Mega Man, Dragon Ball, or your favorite anime? Or how bout your own OC you've been itching to get a pro artist to bring to life? If you're interest please email me at!

Thanks everyone,
Hey Guys,

This year I'll be at Table D14 at NYCC artist alley. I'll be right next to Matt Herms and Jen Hernandez who will be at D15.

Its a regular ol Archie Action comics block party!

Hope to see you there.

I'll have prints, original pages, and will be doing commissions!

Chill sunday art stream link >…

will start streaming in just a few minutes.
Hey all,

just to let you guys know, if you have any questions for me, I have an where I will be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.

i will be attending NYCC this year, and for the first time I will have a table.

I'll be at table D15 in Artist's Alley with the ultra talented :iconchibi-jen-hen:

There will be prints, books, original art, and i'll be doing sketches.

come by and say "hello," or come by and say "good bye." I mean, it'd be weird saying good bye right as we meet but hey, life is full of weird stuff.

Hope to see ya'll there.
hey all,

here are the preview pages for Dexter's Lab issue 1, art by me! :D…
I'm gunna be livestreaming a doodle tonight at around 8-9EST. 

I will be streaming here….

hope to see you there!

Hey guys, well here it is, the finale to 31 days of Roll Halloween!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped and followed this. it was a blast!

Special thanks to :iconkirbopher15: for providing the awesome animation to it, and for getting some awesome talent to provide the music,audio, and voice!

here are all the other Roll costumes from throughout the month >…

Thanks everyone, I love you all.

Hey guys,
live-stream tonight of the winner from the Roll's halloween Nintendo Heroine costume, Samus Aran!

The livestream will start somewhere around 9:30PM and will end when I'm done! I will update everyone as the time draws closer!

Thanks everyone,

Livestreaming here tonight >>…
Hey guys heres the signing schedule for Archie Comics…

also, because I'll be at comic con for 4 days. the next 4 or 5 Halloween Roll costume drawings will be done on location at NYCC, and will most likely just be pencil drawings, maybe some ink. And will all be comic book related costumes!

If you can come down to say hello, please do! It's gunna be fun!

hey guys,

short notice but I'm live streaming tomorrow's Roll Halloween costume drawing process tonight. From start to finish, the whole thing. Also, there will be crowd participation, I haven't decided on the costume yet, so come in and throw out your ideas. maybe it'll be the one that gets picked!

Stream starts tonight at 9:30-ish and will go on until I finish!…  <<is where I stream!

come in and hang out with me while I fumble through trying to be a professional artist. IMPOSSIBLE says I!


Hey Friends,

Another update. I will be at Baltimore Con this september 7th and 8th in artists alley! Woot! I will sign your Mega Man, Sonic, New Crusaders, Socks, and Tacos at my table! Just swing on by and say bonjour! Also, I will have original art boards from Mega Man for sale, as well as some TBA prints. And I will be doing a small number of sketches for peeps so get on the list early! These will be nice polished sketches, not the quick ones I do at signings. Pricing on them will go up soon. Come on down, we'll have a blast!

The Harvey Awards are up now peeps and I'm up for the "most promising new artist" award. Comic professionals, if you can I would be beyond grateful if you would vote for me . Thanks so much.

Harvey Awards Ballot -…

Hey all,

First of all, thank you so much for anyone and everyone who came out to SDCC to meet me and my fellow Mega Man/ Sonic artists. It was an amazing turnout and I could never express the amount of joy you have all given me from that experience.

Secondly, I believe I have contacted EVERYONE who has noted me about buying original pages. If you have not received a note from me PLEASE note me again. If you have received a note from me please respond ASAP, if I do not get a response within a week then the page goes back up for sale. I am trying my best to satisfy everyone of you awesome people but I had no idea the volume of readers and watchers I had! So again, thank you so much for your patience!

Lastly, commissions, holy cow. My inbox has literally exploded...I am floored by all of you great people, and am also terrified! My trusty assistant is hard at work organizing the commissions so that my brain doesn't explode. Because of this I'm closing incoming commissions for the time being. Just so I can empty my inbox of what I have. I will reopen them the moment I'm done with what I have. If you have a commission in my inbox, you will be contacted soon by me. 

Thanks a lot everyone!

Hey friends,

so it turns out I got nominated for a Harvey award. The category is "most promising new artist." Wow! Just, wow! I don't deserve it, but thank you so much to the fine folks who nominated me. I feel sincerely blessed to be even considered. If you'd like to help out and vote please do. Its only open to comic creators, so keep that in mind.

It honestly doesn't matter if I win because either way I still get to draw awesome comics, and that is all I truly want.

thank you everyone for your continued support and I wish you all nothing but love and tacos. Mostly tacos.


Harvey Award Voting link [category - most promising new creator - my name - Ryan Jampole]>>…
Hey friends!

I will be at SDCC this year signing at the Archie booth!

My times are [unless they get updated again.]

THURSDAY 3:30-4:30
FRIDAY 12:30-1:30
SATURDAY 12:30-1:30
SUNDAY  12:00-1:00

Come by and say hello! I'll do some quick doodles too, very quick indeed.

And I got a buttload of NOTES in my inbox about original art buyers. I will get back to you all ASAP! Thank you so much! I'll check all the time stamps of the notes to see who asked for what first. Sorry, I didn't think so many of you would want my silly doodles.

Thanks again!

See you mega cowboy.

UPDATE : To expedite your orignal comic art buying experience I have my assistant looking over my DA messages and cataloging everyone's desired pages, I'll tell him the prices for each and he'll get back to you on those. Sorry, I would do it myself, but I have a lot of work to do. Thanks again!
Hey all,

I have a bunch of pages from my run of Mega Man for sale. If you are interested please NOTE me! 

#19 [penciled by me, inked by Gary Martin]
pages - 1,2,3,6,7,8,11,12,13,16,17,18

#20 [penciled by me, inked by Gary Martin]
pages - 1,2,3,6,7,8,11,13,14,16,17,18

#21 [penciled by me, inked by Gary Martin]
pages - 1/2[spread],3,6,7,8,11,12,13,16,17,18

#22-#23 [pencils]
I have every page penciled by these two books, however, I regret to inform everyone that due to some mishandling in the production process the pages have all suffered ink stains in the center of the page. the ink stain is of a stamp used to copyright the page and due to the ink not being properly dried it had stained every subsequent page underneath it in the pile. It sucks but there is nothing I can really do about it now. So these pages are also for sale but they will be discounted.

#25 [penciled by me, inked by Jim Amash]

pages - 11,12,13,16,17,18

pricing for pages will be on a page by page basis, so NOTE me if you are interested. Buying multiple pages can get you a bulk discount. 

Thanks a lot!

Hey peeps,

I finished penciling issue 28 of MEGA MAN and am now ready to go back in and do all my commissions that were on hold. If we spoke about a commission then you'll be hearing from me about it soon. If you'd like a commission, NOTE me, I am full up at the moment, but I keep logs of everyone who asks and I will note you back when I can work on it.

Thanks for your continued patience and patronage, 

PS - I always want to add a PS